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Beach Revolution is unavoidable

Beach revolution is unavoidable

The beaches worldwide are strained since centuries. One cannot call them abused. Because if humans take a part of nature to their use, it is not an abuse but a usage. But if it strains the nature in the sense that it reduces natural productivity of the stretch, then one can call that the stretch is severely strained. When the strain proceeds to be harmful and a loss to the social economy and living, then it is time to resort to changes.

Under natural conditions, the edges between the oceans and land are always thickly covered with flora allowing no gap on the ground. The ground is tens of cms. well-padded with biological debris of all kinds. The debris is from land as well as from the waters. The natural quality continuously grows the land into the waters.

The force of nature is such at the edges of waters, whatever it may be: Ocean, Sea, lagoon, rivers, brooks, lakes or ponds the floral and other biological parts infringe into the waters. There is no possibility to sea an exposed land without any flora and their debris. It implies that there can be never a beach under the full domain of nature.

Now, due to the impact of human the bondage between the waters and terrestrial landscape is being severely dissipated. The result of which is the appearance of much-loved beaches.

Beginning of Beach Forming

As for the natural productivity of the natural bonding stretch the influence of humans on the scene has proved itself to be harmful and depleting. Therefore, a radical change is inevitable.

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