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Coastal erosion can be easily managed

Eastern European Solution to solve the Coastal Erosion

It is a pity that people must waste time and their own money rejecting the failed systems instead of doing a good job. It is because of the total blocking and the banning of others doing the job. Coastal Authorities worldwide have the same attitude as the former Central Committees and Polit-Bureaus of Eastern Europe. They themselves fail, worse than dogs in manger, but prohibit others from working on the coast. All in the name of society and goodness of the coastal-scape as the scapes get washed away from top, sides and from under.

East European solution had been, getting rid of all the authorities: central committees, polit-bureaus etc en masse that had been blocking and banning the region for decades. As the driving away took pace Light-fell on their lands. Blocking and banning dissipated. People began buzzling and activities were in abundance at every corner of the countries.

It is brewing on the Coasts worldwide, as it happened in Eastern European countries, to drive away the failed and prohibiting, blundering authorities of the coasts with their 4+1 systems. And to allow practical people en masse to enlighten the coasts and drive away the doom. For coasts are the most productive landscapes in every region

What is 4+1 system of decades-old failed and failing coastal authorities:

1. Boulder dumping

2. Constructing walls

3. Heaping Concrete blocks

4. Beach nourishing

The additional “1” is facilitating river erosion to grow the coasts.

Once they are driven away, as the Central Authorities of Eastern Europe, the coasts will be dawned with buzzling and charmingly active people than this present: blocking, banning and prohibiting Authorities with their disappearing coasts.

Pic from Online Daily

This pic shows that nature is providing us with new land. But we do not know to arrest and develop it. In fact it is an easy issue. One should not resort to methods 4+1.

One shopuld not burden the state treasury, for coast recovery can be made productive and to have income. One should resort to knew methods.

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