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Coastal Erosion Turns Political

Coastal erosion: stop it or leave the saddle

The coasts worldwide are in the wrong hands. One can exonerate of any guilt the years 1900 to 1950. Those were the decades of learning, trials, and experiments. Not after 1900. In the last seven decades from 1950 up until now they have blundered the coast and made the best asset a junk.

The presently active departments and coastal politicians must be removed from the coasts and new people must be brought in to do the work hand in hand with nature’s vectors.

The coast is the most versatile geographical stretch on the earth. It is an asset and not a liability. The coasts have the full potential to bear professions, industries, room to live and lead a clean life. These potentials have been blundered, peoples asked to leave, professions cancelled, and industries closed. Now it has to be reversed and living brought back, professions re-introduced, industries re-opened, and the beauty of the coast shown.

In the pic above the versatile coast is being eroded. the people in charge must know why and take precautionary methods. They don't know why and consequently they cannot take any precautionary measures. they blame the sea-level-rise and the climate change and not themselves. They must leave the coasts for the coasts sake and let others do the job.

The newly formed land in the pic on the right proves that sea level rise does no erosion. If sea level rise and climate change did erode coasts and atolls can never form. For since 20,000 years as the ice age began to recede the sea level has risen more than 100 m. Many archaeological sites went under. Yet lands has been rising above the seas. That ability of the seas will ever be.

There is a difference between drowning and eroding. eroding is not due to sea level rise or climate change.

There are many professions along the beach that are natural. They cannot advance because the departments and politicians of the region had no answer. they were asked to leave the region with their professions. It must be reversed: living at the coast must be brought back, professions must be re-activated, industries must be upgraded and buzzling of the coast made a reality.

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