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Currency Freedom ?

Currency Freedom Banks in SL is a hell if you want to deposit some money. This is when you deal directly with a banker. It is very fortunate that machines are doing the job without harassment. If only one remembers the earlier decades when one wants to withdraw some money from his account. His own money. But things have not advanced enough. If one wants to deposit one's own hard-earned foreign money abroad, one is up against an unpleasant wall. As if one has committed a criminal act or committing a criminal act by depositing one's hard-earned foreign money abroad into one's own account called the NRFC account. One is induced with a feeling, "how dare you earn money abroad and that in foreign currency". One is cross-examined as if the banker is a CID officer. After unpleasant interrogation, one leaves the bank homeward with a most unpleasant feeling. One feels: " why on this earth's hell, one dares to save money". Worse: "never dare to visit a bank". Recently, a friend forgot his purse with a sum of 1600- Euros at home. On the flight, he found that he has forgotten the purse with Euros. As soon as he arrived at his destination in Europe, he emailed his trustworthy two friends. He's fortunate in having few trustworthy friends. Most people don’t have such, even in the family. He emailed that he has left his money at home to his trustworthy friends. He requested one of them to take the purse with money and keep it safely till he returns. The friend agreed. Later, his friend realized the danger of having money at home and the sleepless nights that follow. He emailed back that he will deposit the sum in the owner's bank account. The owner, as a worker abroad, has an NRFC account, too. The friend thought he will directly deposit in the owner's NRFC account as Euros because SL currency is one of the most unreliable currencies belonging to an unreliable economic system and a bankrupt country. He went to the bank where the owner has accounts and tried to deposit the Euros in his NRFC account. It didn't work. Interrogations commenced. He felt like a criminal though he proved with the owner's purse full of cards, driver's license, and health insurance both with photos and bank cards. Nothing worked and even banker refused to convert Euros into SL currency. A conversion a bankrupt country badly needs. At his going to the bank, he was elated thinking he was doing a favour to his bankrupt country by depositing foreign currency. All the elation and good feeling just dissipated. He had to leave the bank without any clue. He did not want to keep the currencies at home. It is a nightmare. He searched for a solution. He remembered seeing shops exchanging foreign currency. He decided to try them. He entered a Cambio and requested them to convert the money into SL currency. With the greatest pleasure, the conversion got completed, instantly. No interrogation, no reasons asked how he got the money, and so on. There was beaming happiness on the face of the Cambio banker. In addition, surprisingly, the conversion had been crowned with an addition of 10% compared to the legal bank. The 10% was far more than a monthly income of an average person. He got the huge amount of money, and with great fear, despite the feeling of success, he hurried to the legal bank to deposit as quickly as possible to escape the nightmare of having large sums. For, many have got murdered going out from banks with large sums. My opinion: Foolish lawmakers and bankers. You want to catch the thief? Then get him to deposit in the bank. Or???

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