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Does an action have an equal and opposite reaction??

In the example below, the word reaction is superfluous!

A weight on a Hanging Scale

Adam & Eve, or Charles Darwin; God exists or God doesn’t exist; Imperialism was wrong and Communism was wrong; Beef is good & Beef is bad, Pork is good & Pork is bad and so on;. What is right?

And now: Action has an equal and opposite reaction, Or has no equal and opposite reaction? What is right?

Example 1

A scale is hung on a crossbar at a height of about 3 m. The scale has a spring inside. The spring stretches when weights are hung on the hook at the bottom end or when pulled.

According to action and reaction theorists, if a person pulls the scale vertically down at the hook at the bottom end (hook), the scale pulls back. It is called an equal and opposite reaction.

They say: the reason is, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If it is so, there can be neither action nor reaction. The universe will be absolutely cold at -273°C and still. But it has boiling objects, too.

The explanation that for an action there is equal and opposite reaction is wrong. Because:

1. If the scale is pulling back (equal and opposite reaction), there cannot be a stretch and measurement from the very beginning. Action is cancelled by the reaction.

2. If the scale is pulling back, it must do work.

Work = F x d.

3. To do work in reaction energy within the scale must be liberated like in the person’s muscles in Action.

4. In the stretch of the pull, energy passes from the person’s muscles to the spring of the scale. The transferred energy remains as P.E. in the spring.

5. When the person stops pulling, the spring gets back to the idling position. Work must be done. The energy is taken from the stored P.E. to do the returning work.

The contradiction arises if in an action "work-done" exists, "work-done" must exist in reaction, too.

Distant is moved in the stretch of the spring. The energy to move has been supplied by the muscles. The liberated bio-chemical energy in the body goes through the muscles. They are converted to mechanical energy.

In the action, the work done is explained and correct.

What was the work?

The work must be done because the molecules of the spring in the scale are held together by molecular forces.

When the pull comes the molecules are stretched. Stretching means distant moved. That is work done. W=F * D

Since, or as long as the stretch is reversible with the original molecular forces the energy used to stretch remains in the molecules as P.E.

When the pull is withdrawn the P.E. does the work for the molecules to come to the original position.

It is not an equal and opposite reaction. To the action of Pull.

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