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Historical and present Water towers in Berlin / Brandenburg.

Only a few are functioning as Water Towers. Many have been converted to housing or beautiful restaurants. They have neatly refurbished and are very decorative.


There are many water towers in Berlin- Brandenburg that are even more than a century old. Many have been constructed with a heart for architecture and to fit into the landscape.

Most of them were constructed to secure water for small towns or regions.

Some are very beautiful indeed. Each has its own taste and form, competing with one another for beauty and purpose.

Water Tower in Cottbus


The town Schwedt at the border to Poland has a complex with water tower with an Architecture of its own. Beautifully visible from kilometers away. There are restaurants for holiday makers, too.

It functions as a landmark, too. For it is surrounded with agro-fields stretching far and wide.

A system that can serve well for threshold countries.

Water Tower in Schwedt


Calau is a town not far away from Berlin. It is on the way to Cottbus. Has got its own taste. The railway station is not far away and it appears it served also the erstwhile steam engines. It appears it is also a water tower has a nostalgic impulse and serves as private domicile. It is nice to see.

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