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Keerimalai Coastal Stretch

The Keerimalai coastal stretch of Sri Lanka is the northernmost coastal stretch beginning at Karainagar in the west and ending at KKS in the East.

It is a well-known stretch, especially for northerners and now increasingly to Southerners, too.

There is a natural water hole made as a tank to bathe and swim since time unknown and is being used with the greatest pleasure by people from far and wide.

The stretch is being severely hit with coastal erosion, a harm that has spread worldwide. The region has lost more than a few hundred meters to the sea. And is losing daily inch by inch. The reason for the loss is wrongly loaded on Global Warming and the Sea-level-rise. The reasons are many. It began with the depletion of the coast and is continuing with the abuse of the coast by people.

At present no steps have been taken against erosion, except for wall construction about the water tank. Wall construction worsens erosion. Because the waves that beat the wall get reflected back to the water and energize the coastal waters. The energised water returns adding in angle to fresh waves and beat the coast harder.

However, there are methods to retrieve the lost land. It is not necessarily expensive. It can be made productive, too. It implies that the coastal waters have the potential to have professional usage when engineered properly.

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