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Landlevel Drop and Coastal Erosion

The pic on the left is an example where the land level is dropping. The scape must have been covered by varieties of Flora on the fossils. Unfortunately the flora is missing completely. A misfunctioning of natures forces is running.

The reef-ridge has been formed by the waves. The waves, when seas are rough bring fossils from the depth towards the coast and heap them. They can be under water ae reefs or with sufficient heaping they surface.

Normally, flora sets root on such reefs already when they are under water and when sufficient sunlight reaches the reef. As the reef surfaces they are well protected from erosion. But in recent decades the nature's rule is being disturbed by human activities that many things have taken different tracks or has been depleted. One major depletion is the absence of seeds. The floral rooting is missing.

With the absence of floral rooting the surfaced reef is exposed to erosions from the top and within. The physical and chemical erosion cathches pace and make the ridge to becamoe skeletel and ready to crumble.

As new waves at rough seas dive up they move the skeletel fossils to beat and rub one another and crumble. The height of the ridge falls. The land level drops.

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