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Methods to avoid at stopping Coastal Erosion and Sea Level Rise

Updated: May 12, 2021

Avoid methods that have been practised during the period of the last hundred years and more. Because they have failed in their purpose. Besides, they are enormously expensive and has to be paid by the Taxpayer. If one had time to observe the methods implemented during the mentioned period one can see that the methods have increased the coastal erosion and sea level rise. Mainly because they are not reducing the destructive force of the waves, but on the contrary, they enhance erosion and gives an appearance as sea-level is rising. The effect of sea-level rise in the land invasion by the sea is minimal and below 5%. The land invasion by the sea is caused by land level drop and carrying away of the soil by the erosion.

The Methods that should be avoided are:

  1. Dumping or arranging boulders

  2. Heaping or arranging pre-fabricated concrete blocks whatever the form.

  3. Building walls to bounce the waves. The bouncing erode the seabed forcefully,

  4. Spraying sand to fill the beaches.

The boulders made the waves bounce hard. At very rough days they bounced and beat the roof and damaged the shops instead of saving. The shopkeepers had to leave. In addition, the waves jump over the rocks and fall with force on the ground behind. The erosion is stronger and the eroded soil is washed through the gaps in the rock. With time the rocks get dragged by the receding waves as seen in the pic. on top.

Furthermore, as seen in the picture, the coast has lost all its value. It has no use for people to have fun and recreation and cannot be used for any other professions. One has to rethink the whole issue before dumping rock-boulders. Especially important the nature's yield that we use.

Re-vitalising the coast:

At present, the coast is degraded to be a parasite swallowing huge amount of Taxpayers’ money. It is not paying back and even not standing still without costing any more. It is a limbo payment costing money periodically in large amount. If the mentioned four methods are avoided, something else must fill the vacuum formed. It should have the following properties:

1. It should not cost any extra money to the state.

2. It should bring income to the state.The society must be aware that the coastal stretch is the most vital stretch in the land's geography. It is an asset which is more than Tea, Rubber, Coconut and gemstones all added together.

3. It should create jobs and many coastal professions. Which is nothing but re-introduction of the traditional coastal professions, which have evaporated due to coastal erosion.

4. Enhancing the geological property of the coast. The property is: The Coast under natural conditions always grows.

5. Re-introducing the lost coast growing vectors.

6. Bring about activities for citizens living at the coast without disturbing the natural vectors that act on the growth of the coast.

7. Particularly important: Introduce amphibian living for citizens practicing coastal professions. This has, essentially, a potential to stop coastal erosion and cause coastal growth.

8. Add conditions that stop latent desertification and reduce convection. It has utmost importance to shrink Snow sphere, which is melting glaciers and raising the sea level.

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