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Private Power handles Sea-Level-Rise

**Please be informed that Sea-Level-Rise does not erode the coast. The vectors are many but not Sea-Level-Rise.

At present, according to many research that are published, the rate at which sea level is rising is said to be about 1cm per year. Whatever is spoken about the water that comes to the seas, one must accept, mainly, it comes from the lands and melting Icebergs that are stuck on the lands. The floating Icebergs have no effect due to Archimedes Principle.

Because it is so, the ratio of the areas Land to Sea must be taken to do the calculations to push behind the problem sea-level-rise and make it disappear there. The ratio is roughly 1:2. That is for every unit rise of sea, the land has given twice the amount.

One square metre of sea gains 1cm in height filled with water. It is advisable to double the amount to be on the safe side of the Calculation. That means we take 2cms rise of sea level. Then, according to the area ratio, the land loses 4cms of water in height.

In this 4cms is included the other factors that contribute to the sea-level-rise. They are the change in humidity in the air, water molecules gravitationally caught from the space, Solar pulsations???, volcanic emissions etc. and most importantly the H2O coming from petroleum combustion.

To win against Sea-Level-Rise a country must yearly store/lock water that fills 4cms of its area.

An empirical calculation:

One square metres must hold 4 cms of water in height.

The volume of 4cms = 4 x 1 square metre

= 4 x 100 x 100 cubic cms (c.c.)

= 40,000 cc

= 40 litres / square metre.

It requires 20 cms square from the one square metre of the land if the depth of storage is 1 metre. Which is 4% of the area. If the depth is increased the percentage from the area will rapidly decrease.

It is a plausible step forward to settle the problem of Sea-Level-Rise on Private Power Basis.

An Example with a family of 4 ( A pair of parents and two kids):


  1. The family lives in a sustainable house with garden on 2 perches of land. One perch is roughly 25 square metres. Two perches come to 50 square metres

  2. The sea-level-rise is given to be in many publications one cm /year. To be on the positive side of the calculation, I have doubled the amount to 2cms rise per year.

  3. Land to sea ratio is taken as 1:2

Therefore, the amount of water that goes from land to sea in height is 4cms.

4 cms. of water per square metre is 40,000 c.c. = 40 litres / square metre

In 50 square metres the volume of water that should be stored permanently = 40 x 50 Litres = 2000 litres = 2 cubic metres / year.

The family must construct on a corner of the land a storage-well with area 1 square metres and depth 2 m every year.

But it will not be permanently every year. The nature will give a support for those who work sincerely with the nature.

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