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Sea Level and coastal erosion are two different things

What happens if the Sea Level Falls?

Will the coastal erosion stop, if the Sea level falls?No”.

Almost all coastal engineers and coastal scientists readily blame sea level rise and global warming for coastal erosion. Such blame is completely wrong. Because the vectors eroding the coast are independent of the Sea Level. The eroding vectors are caused by wind, earth tremors, underwater slides, rain, trampling, boat parking, floral depletion, etc.

The coastal dwellers must be informed of the error.

The sea level influences shallow seabeds. With a rise of one millimeter of sea level at 1° slope, the sea invasion tends to infinity according to the cotangent of the angle. But nature heaps the edge to stop the water drive into the land with mangroves. In the mangroves sediments remain and grow. It has much floral debris and also faunal debris. That protects erosion.

Important info:

The Sea level may begin to come down this decade. And coastal growth will follow due to different vectors. It’s a matter of administration change.


A Drop in sea level will not stop the erosion. It may increase erosion. The facilitation of the coast to grow is possible only by eliminating each vector that impulses coastal erosion one by one.

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