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Sea Level Rise doesn’t erode the coast

Sea level rise and coastal erosion are two different things. Sea Level Rise is rise in the level of water in the sea. Coastal erosion is caused by many other vectors. The Beach on the pic has formed due to human usage of the island. The usage pressured the natural canopy bushing the coast and holding the debris to be washed away. As a result the exposed the land gave way to be eroded away. This is a very common reason for coastal erosion. The vectors only erode when the coast is exposed. The most obvious vectors are:

1. water waves that turn kinetic.

2. Rain falls

3. Winds and cyclones.

4. Removal of trees and the decomposition of their roots.

5. Attrition and abrasion of the grains

6. Acidity in the region

7. Dissolution of soil from under

8. Land level drop

9. Human playing wandering, parking boats

Very important fact is that coast is not eroded at the absence of human activities. At the absence of human activities when no beaches form but canopies that spread on to the waters, the coast always grow. It implies that repristining the coast in different ways will make the coast to grow. And when done globally it will add to the lowering of the sea level.

Yet, water waves that have turned kinetic not always erode, rather, they can make the coast to grow, too. The proofs are the Atoll Islands.

Atoll islands are eroded by kinetic water waves when the coast is under the strain of human activities. Otherwise, even today, though sea level is rising, the atoll islands grow. And the growth is brought about by kinetic water waves, too. On the pic left one can see a freshly formed land that will become an atoll island. This was made by the waves as the sea level is rising globally.

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