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Snow Line, Snow Sphere and convection

The ground gets warmed up as the sun shines. At regions beyond the two tropics, the tropic of cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, towards the poles, the clouds form often on the ground level as mist, fog etc. In the regions at the equator such cloud forming on the ground level occurs only in mountainous regions. At the sea levels the clouds are almost never found, except at cold nights. In this region a harmful process is running. Namely, the rising of the snow sphere. This is due to overheating of the ground and air. The snow sphere rises higher. It comes to glacial melting at the lower fringes and clouds travelling above the mountains.

Snow line at ground level ???

Clouds form at certain varying heights above the ground. Those heights, which is termed as snow line or snow sphere is essential to determine the levels of glaciers. Glaciers are becoming ever important, not only because of emotions, but for many other reasons.

Above the snowline, there are many water reservoirs of many kinds. They feed and maintain the lives of all kinds and forests below the snow sphere. The storage of waters, and maintenance of the forests are very vital for the stability of the region. The water is found as:

  1. frost

  2. clouds

  3. rains

  4. glaciers

  5. stored in flora

  6. etc.

This storage is very vital for permanent thriving. The reduction of it always cause:

  1. forest fires

  2. desertification

  3. drought

  4. sea level rise

  5. rapid increase of soil and stone erosions

  6. Wildlife loss in the terrains below.

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