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The Nile River Winging and Sea Level

Egypt need not be worried over the construction of the second Hydro-electric Dam by Ethiopia. Egypt fears it may get less water than needed to support the people producing food and practicing their professions.

Egypt has forgotten that it was termed the Cradle of Civilisation before other cradles came up. It belonged to the original Fertile Crescent. a phrase used by the American Archaeologist James Henry Breasted.

Egypt’s pride having so many breath-taking pyramids, statues, palatial caves hide a truth that the whole region had been very fertile. Today, whatsoever, is spread with desert, a landscape which can be, too, be proud of itself as a desert-scape.

A region can be a desert geographically or can form itself due to the activities of people. From the many that have become deserts through humans’ activities Egypt is one. May be the first fringing Sahara.

The picture (from wiki media) shows The Cradle of Civilisation called The Fertile Crescent and the desert that resulted.

The desertification process began as the civilisation of Egypt had been in the cradle of civilisation with a process, a precursor, called latent desertification.

However, since the reason is understood why Egypt has so much of desert allows one to conclude that it could be reversed. One of the projects to reverse is the project Aswan Dam that had been completed many decades ago and have well served the nation. It has reversed much dried and barren area to fertile lands.

However, one need not take to billion and trillions costing methods to reverse barren regions back again to fertile lands. Nature provides conditions that can be used that are by far cost and time effective.

Egypt is blessed with an exceptionally long piece of Nile River gushing over 1300 km. A river which brought the 360° to mathematics and helped make a calendar by the periodic flooding of the Nile. This very river has impressive banks and dried rivers some tens of kilometres away with same flow direction. They offer the conditions that can resurrect the Fertile Crescent. A resurrection that is so important to lands and islands far away that are being threatened being drowned by the oceans.

The methods to resurrect the Fertile Crescent are many. One has been done already with Aswan Dam. Then there is also a method called “River Winging”. A method that essentially done with manual labour with sandbags and when wallet permits with hollow-blocks. This method uses excess water supply at bad weathers. It does not strain the planned water flow of the river. And due to the excess water usage helps avert floods, too. The greatest advantage for Egypt is increases the area of evaporation by at least four-fold. This extra evaporation cools the region to shrink the snow-sphere and sends much moisture to the mountains of Horn of Africa that the river gets more water flow that Ethiopia may beg Egypt to receive more water.

It is a gift too by Egypt for flood and drowning threatened countries far away. The River Winging of Nile in Egypt as it converts Egypt back to a fertile crescent, it reduces water from entering the seas. It implies drop on the present Sea-Level- Rise.

Then the winging could be increased to become “River Veining”. The veins could gush excess water to dried rivers in the deserts. Means more water held in lands and eventual re-glaciating the Horn of Africa. Further on, the greening of Sahara, if one wished, come to the doorstep.

More things follow.

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