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Very soon, in a few years from now The Coastal Erosion will be Yesterday's Problem

Still people, including scientists, fear that the small islands will be drowned. But one should not be afraid but be resolute with solutions. The main Q is: were the islands always there or did they grow with time? The encouraging answer is they grew with time. Always thriving to be above sea-level. However, from the two natures 1) without humans; 2) with humans; the Atoll Islands have different fates. At the absence of humans, they always grew. After the advent of humans, the nature changed visibly. Especially, the use of tool began to develop and helped clear wilderness.

Now, as the zeitgeist of humans are changing and becoming highly conscious of nature, not merely for our survival, but also for to have beauties and charms that vitalise our health and mind, the natural multitudes are keenly observed.

Because of the expanding keenness, The Coast of an Atoll, when not disturbed by humans, always grows.

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